Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chivalry Is Not Dead!

There is a locally owned gas station here in Choctaw, America that is top notch! When I first stopped at Country Boy I thought I pulled in a full service lane. I quickly backed out to find a self-serve and the guy working told me they are all self-serve! They just pump the gas to unescorted ladies...at no extra charge! I have often thought that I should tip them, but didn't know if that was standard. Soooo, I baked them some cookies!! Who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies? I went to my crop room and made some paper bags and cute little tags that are stamped with MPS stamp: Thanks for your service! I am on my way to get some gas and will be taking them cookies in just a bit.


  1. awww how sweet of you! cute, I'm sure they will be shocked at how nice this is!

  2. That is so sweet and I bet they loved them. :)


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