Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week of ANNIVERSARY & Marcus's Birthday!!

On Tuesday, March 23 Marcus and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. Now days that is some accomplishment! I have always said, marriage is hard work. There have been our fair share of trials and tribulations in these 14 years, a lot of compromises with a great deal of LOVE! Last weekend we started off by going on a date to see Alice In Wonderland in 3-D (see last post) and then Tuesday evening we tried a new-to-us resaurant in Norman called Tarahumara's. It was delicious!! A place we will visit again!

Those who don't know the story of how we met then here it is: Marcus and I met in January of 1992 at a cheerleading/tumbling gym called Rah-some. He worked there and I decided to start preparing for upcoming college tryouts. It's funny how I remember exactly what I was wearing and even our conversation when I first went to the office to talk to the owner, whom I already knew. Marcus was in a long-term relationship as was I at the time. We started "flirting" with eachother not long after I started classes. My boyfriend at the time thought the only reason why I went to tumbling is to see Marcus, but at that time that wasn't the case! In March, my friends and I planned a spring break trip to Padre Island. I was told by my boyfriend if I went I wouldn't have a boyfriend when I returned. So, I decided to try to talk Marcus into meeting us there at Padre......and he did! After spring break we were dating, but not exclusively. In April, we went on our first official date (with another couple)to the Shriner's Circus. From there, it just progressed and progressed to a serious relationship. Marcus proposed to me at Spaghetti Warehouse on October 3, 1995. We were married just 5 1/2 months later!

So fast forward to March 24, 2010.....MARCUS TURNS 40!! I secretly planned for a small gathering of close buddies to help surprise him for his 40th birthday. The Monday before, I called, emailed and sent messages via facebook to about a dozen of his friends asking them to come over for a couple of hours to help me celebrate this milestone in his life. The funny thing was, he was not in a good mood after he got off work! He was plain GRUMPY!!! I was working in fast forward trying to clean up the house and get dinner together before 7:00 (my expected arrival time of the guys). He questioned me why I was scrambling around like I was, but I just ignored him and went on. His co-worker was the first to show up and Marcus was shocked to see him. Next came an old friend on his Harley that didn't seem unusual with him "stopping by" while out on his bike. But then when the next 2 guys walked up the drive way he realized they were all there for one reason......his birthday! A total of 9 guys showed up that evening. They enjoyed sharing old stories and hearing about what was going on in everyone's life now. Marcus felt special, just as he should! As the last person drove away, he couldn't wipe the smile off of his face if he had wanted too!

Good times, good times!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Alice in Wonderland was WONDERFUL!

Marcus and I had date night last night and went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3-D. It was part of our 14 year anniversary celebration. Dinner is planned for our actual anniversary date, March 23. We got to Warren a little early so we had great seats. Marcus actually counted the seats to find the middle!! The movie was AMAZING!!! I want to be the Red Queen! My students better be ready because the first one to get in trouble I'm saying "Off with your head!". Johnny Depp was his normal, psychotic self! We loved the story line and the 3-D effects were phenomenal!! Not sure if I would have liked it as much if it weren't in 3-D, but it is a movie I will definately add to my collection.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Zoo was a ZOO!

So I took Karli to the zoo today.

It was a MAD HOUSE! People were having to park at Remington Park and that lot looked like it was soon to be filled. So I decided I was going to tell Karli that the zoo was closed today and we would come back another day. I headed back south on the highway to only look back to see Karli with her bottom lip out and tears streaming down her face. She wanted to go to the zoo! She had told me last night and this morning that she wanted to see the lions, zebras, giraffes and pigs. (I didn't think there would be pigs there, but I was wrong.)

So I took Karli to the zoo today.

I turned the car around and parked in a church parking lot across the street from the science museum. Thankfully, we didn't have to wait in line to buy our ticket because they had workers taking cash all around the entrance. We didn't have to wait too long to go through the entrance, but we did have to wait and wait and wait in the newly opened Children's Zoo! We waited nearly an hour to see the "Barnyard" animals which was the petting area. NOT WORTH IT! Karli did get to feed a goat and pet Roger, the rabbit. Then the only things left in that section were 2 donkeys, 2 PIGS and some chickens. I wanted to take her to see the Lorikeets, but the line was too long and I was not going to do that again. The highlight of the Children's Zoo was watching the Spider monkeys. They put on a show for us. After leaving the Children's Zoo we headed toward the giraffes. I wanted to see the baby giraffe that was just born in January. He (or she...I don't know) was adorable! We did get to see some zebras in the distance, but the lions were no where to be seen. I did a lot of walking and waiting in those 3 hours of being at the zoo, but it sure was worth it to see Karli so happy!


I can't believe I have actually created my own blog. I have been following a few blogs here and there, but have fell in love with one in particular: My Pink Stamper. I look forward to reading her posts as well as watching her Cricut videos. So now here I am! I look forward to sharing my "cares" and experiences with the blogging world.