Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wearable (and Edible) Bouquet of Flowers!

Karli had her big dance recital this weekend! She preformed two dances and did a fabulous job. She danced one ballet routine and the other was tap. Of course when there is a dance recital there are always flowers! I knew her Grammy and Aunt Kimmie would bring her flowers, so I wanted to do a more creative bouquet of flowers. I remembered making my neighbor girls all silk rose hair clips for Christmas and how easy they were to make. I ordered some clear tubes for Skittles and M&Ms and went to making 24 silk rose flower clips for all the dancers in Karli's class. I had some willing fourth graders cut out lots of circles of fabric for me the last week of school, so putting them together was a cinch! Another mom has been making other flower clips for her daughter and agreed to make another 24 for the dancers. (She did the zebra & pink leopard print flowers) We tied 4 candy tubes with the flowers clipped to the top together with a simple bow and I added a Dance Recital tag from Twinkle Toes Lite Cartridge. These were a little less than $1 each to make and they turned out adorable!!

These are Karli's favorites! She loves pink and purple!

And now for a couple of pictures of my Tiny Dancer!!

Getting ready for her ballet dance!

Karli is back row center line.

Karli is front row, just right of center line.

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  1. Those flowers are so pretty, just like your little girl. : )


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