Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cards, Cards, & more Cards!!

I have been rockin' out the cards lately on my Cricut machine! I've made 2 graduation cards, which are completely different from eachother. The first one was made with Everyday Paperdolls (super cute cartridge) and then the second one was made with Wild Cards (tons of different cards w/ matching envelopes).

Then we have birthday cards!
I made the cupcake card for a co-worker who LOVES chocolate. So, I made her cupcake have chocolate frosting! The Happy Bird-day card and Turtle card were made for a couple of girls in the neighborhood.

The bird card was super easy and almost too plain for me. I should have added a little something else to it, but it will suffice! My favorite has to be the turtle card. She is so cute!!!! and it was fitting since I am just a month late getting her card and gift to her! The inside of it says I missed your birthday. Sorry!

Summer has officially started for me so I see more crafting in my future! My goal is to spend at least one day a week upstairs working on scrapbook layouts and cards. Also, I am planning a scrapbooking trip at my lake house in June & July. Fun, fun!!!

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  1. These are AWESOME Kerri!!! YOU TOTALLY ROCK!! When are you coing over for a visit?? Karlee will be here in 13 days. I think you should plan to come and hang out with us!


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